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Electro & Frequency Modulation

Royal Rife inspired Global Wellness Machine Treatment

Frequency-based detoxification and disease alleviation

Features & Benefits
450 preprogrammed frequencies and 550 Auto Codes for all health requirements
Targets disease, parasitic and viral assaults
Cosmetic and age-altering effects
Targeted frequency-based electro-medicine resonated into the body via piezoelectric resonating crystal generators. Tuning and modulating combinations of frequency in specific orders can target and flush out disease, parasites, viral infections and detoxify the body.

The amazing technology within the Wellness Technology Rife Machine is based on the pioneering research of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, who is considered one of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th Century. He is credited in the book, The Cancer Cure That Worked, as the man who discovered a cure for cancer and many other diseases... simply by using vibrational energy. Intially celebrated and sponsored by the AMA as having discovered "the End to All Disease", Rife and his amazing inventions moved into obscurity after the onslaught of the anti-biotic pharmaceutical craze.

Rife discovered that every virus, bacterium, parasite and other pathogen is particularly sensitive to a specific "frequency" of sound and can be destroyed by intensifying that frequency until it literally explodes - like an intense musical note that can shatter a wine glass!

The Global Wellness Machine's avaiable bioactive frequencies hold range over 550 different conditions. (Results can vary; making claims of curative effect is not currently allowed.) Those conditions include: Abscesses, Aids, Anthrax, Arthritis, Athlete's Foot, Candida, Carcinoma, Epstein-Barr, Giardia, Hepatitis, Herpes, Infection (many), Irritable Bowel, Leukemia, Lupus Eryth., Multiple Sclerosis, Smallpox, Parkinson's, Pneumonia, Thrush (yeast), Shingles, Sarcomas, Tuberculosis. A whole host of other diseases that come from Infectious Agents are also addressed.

Key Technologies:
- Global Wellness Machine
- Crystal generators
- Custom designed frequency codes

Session Overview:
Sitting next to or holding the resonant crystal generators in your hands for the duration of the session. Session times are bewteen an hour and an hour and a half but can be extended to three hours. Most treatments require at minimum 3 sessions. A full cleansing and detoxifying session program lasts over the period of a month.

Session Rates:
$136.00 per hour
$75.00 : optional preliminary diagnostic assesment for advanced Rife Machine treatments

Complementary Services:
All vibrational modalities we use are designed to work together with a nutritional pathway, diagnostic assesments and body work. We encourage our clients to engage in a holistic approach, addressing many levels of being through combined modalities offered.

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